TEDWomen 2015: Leaders with an eye for justice

“The number one abuse of human rights on earth is the mistreatment of women and girls.”
(Jimmy Carter)

Razmišljanje o “TEDWomen 2015: Leaders with an eye for justice

  1. Anonimnež

    Belief is a thought you keep thinking…. negative or positive is your free will choice.

    We all have freedom to choose to think about our own limitations and goals…. sometimes their best kept until it feels really right!

    Act and speak when it’s from a place of intergrity and passion, when your ego is no where to be seen until the dust settles! Know when your isolated from others reality your mental thoughts of clarity and silence are playing just as good a role as action….Combine them with no public action or reaction for maximum effect…. especially at this time. Know who you are!! The time is coming for light to shine….


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