State supreme courts and bar associatons are limiting access to legal services

The latest comes from the New Jersey Supreme Court, the governing body for lawyer licensure in the state, which last week blacklisted services from Avvo, LegalZoom and RocketLawyer that match consumers with attorneys because of concerns over fee-sharing and referral fees. […] Lawyers, courts and bar associations talk a good game when it comes to public service and making legal services more accessible. But it’s not happening. When businesses everywhere are seizing technology to reduce prices and improve services, bar associations and courts governing lawyers are sticking their heads in the sand and digging in their heels. This is a real shame — for the public who don’t have access to the law and for lawyers who are increasingly becoming irrelevant to the average person in this country.

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PCA Case No. 2012-04: Arbitraža med Republiko Hrvaško in Republiko Slovenijo

Dne 4. novembra 2009 sta predsednika vlade Republike Hrvaške in Republike Slovenije podpisala Arbitražni sporazum med Vlado Republike Slovenije in Vlado Republike Hrvaške, s katerim sta se državi zavezali, da bosta spor o meji na kopnem in morju rešili z arbitražo. V obeh državah je sledil proces ratifikacije sporazuma v skladu z veljavno ustavnopravno zakonodajo.

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