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Evropski projekt RAPiD.Si (Raising Awareness on Data Protection and the GDPR in Slovenia) je namenjen ozaveščanju majhnih in srednje velikih podjetij o reformi zakonodajnega okvira s področja varstva osebnih podatkov ter izobraževanju posameznikov glede uveljavljanja njihov pravic. Projekt izvaja Informacijski pooblaščenec. Trajal bo do septembra 2020.

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Woman Sues Hospital for Emotional Distress After ‘Pulling the Plug’ on a Stranger

Shirell Powell has filed a lawsuit against St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx for removing life support from Frederick Williams. Any first year law student would immediately start thinking medical malpractice or wrongful death. But no, this is a case regarding negligent infliction of emotion distress. And it is distressful on so many levels, but read on to find out which level you think pushes most on your stress points.

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