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Prstni odtisi so bili najzanesljivejše biometrično sredstvo za identifikacijo. Ker jih je mogoče reproducirati, strokovnjaki iščejo nove metode zanesljive in varne identifikacije. Kot alternativo navajajo tudi vzorec (dela) ožilja pri posamezniku.

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It can be done from photographs:

In his talk at the Chaos Computer Club — Europe’s largest hacker organization — Jan Krissler said he used a high-profile target for his attempt: German defense minister Ursula von der Leyen. Krissler, also known by the pseudonym “Starbug,” used several close-range photos from a “standard photo camera” of von der Leyen’s hand from a few angles before creating an image of her thumbprint via VeriFinger, a software program used to read fingerprints.

In a 2013 interview, the same hacker panned Apple’s fingerprint reader: 

Biometry just also has its weaknesses. Unlike passwords that are either right or wrong, there is always a certain probability of match. Therefore the TouchID scanner isn’t really a security method, but a comfortable method. Had Apple made the mechanism more secure, too many people would have struggled turning on their iPhone and too many people would have been rejected…

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