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Vrt Kochovih: vnaprej režirane znanstvene raziskave

Pri reviji The Economist je konec avgusta izšel članek z naslovom The Kochtopus garden o škodi, ki so jo Kochovi naredili s svojim financiranjem vnaprej režiranih znanstvenih raziskav. Ni je dobrodelnosti, ki bi opravičila škodo, povzročeno ameriškemu zaupanju v strokovno mnenje in okolju, pišejo pri The Economist.

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The End of Globalization

The 2016 U.S. presidential elections triggered emotions I had not felt for years. In 1998, Venezuela, where I’m from, elected a populist president who, like U.S. President Donald Trump, ran a campaign based on anti-establishment sentiments. Countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Nicaragua followed suit, and I began to wonder about the extent to which the benefits of neo-liberalism were really reaching the general population. Systematic research on the possible “end of globalization” was not taken seriously, at least not by many of the Western drivers of today’s political-economic order. But now Brexit in the UK and Trump have shaken faith in the conventional wisdom and have many asking, “Is this the end?”

Rebecca Van Roy, študentka LSE (A Student Perspective on a Global Network Course on Globalization — LSE Management, 6. maj 2017)

Should Lawyers Be Able to Discuss Client Information That’s Already Public | Lawyerist.com

It isn’t often that you see a relatively technical debate about legal ethics and what information lawyers may reveal about clients playing out in real time in the non-legal press, but that’s what we have happening right now. Donald Trump seems to be taxing lawyers’ abilities to stay quiet about their past representation of him… More on Lawyerist.com.