How Law Firms are Responding to COVID-19

Sentiment around financial futures in the legal community has shifted to a more positive outlook than in prior stages of the pandemic. Though financial stability remains a top concern among legal professionals of all practice areas, 52% of survey respondents are more optimistic about the future of their firm than they were 30 days ago.

How Law Firms are Responding to COVID-19 — Lawyerist



Effective Client Testimonials for Lawyer Marketing

The use of client testimonials is a matter of personal taste and preference for lawyers (and are subject to the ethical rules of the lawyer’s jurisdication), but they can be very powerful. Testimonials are a popular lawyer marketing tool precisely because they have proven to be powerful. If a client does not have a referral from someone they trust, a testimonial is the next best thing. Testimonials carry more weight than other marketing copy because they are the words of a third party, rather than the words of the business (or law firm) themselves; they are a good way for lawyers to demonstrate their value through the words of their clients. Those words can be very persuasive, and they can be an important part of your lawyer marketing and website strategy.

Allison Shields (Lawyerist, 14. februar 2020)

Vrt Kochovih: vnaprej režirane znanstvene raziskave

Pri reviji The Economist je konec avgusta izšel članek z naslovom The Kochtopus garden o škodi, ki so jo Kochovi naredili s svojim financiranjem vnaprej režiranih znanstvenih raziskav. Ni je dobrodelnosti, ki bi opravičila škodo, povzročeno ameriškemu zaupanju v strokovno mnenje in okolju, pišejo pri The Economist.

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Should we take a few long holidays, or lots of short ones?

There’s something fractal about rest: we need it daily, weekly and yearly. That said, my reading of the (slim) evidence is that if you can bear the cumulative expense and the travel time, frequent short breaks beat the occasional elongated vacation.

Tim Harford

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Potrebujete odštevalno uro?

Pravniki se čedalje bolj soočajo z zahtevami po učinkovitosti in točnosti. Sestanki, predstavitve, obravnave in nagovori so redni spremljevalci hektičnega pravnikovega vsakdana. Velik izziv je, kako ne izgubiti občutka za čas. Čeprav odštevalna ura Big Timer ne bo čudežno uredila tempa službenega dne, bo pa zagotovo poskrbela za opozorilo, da je 10 minut mimo. Pavza!

Legal tech booming while pace of investment in legal tech is stalling

Chatting with Bob Ambrogi, while he was visiting Seattle this week, we agreed that legal tech was growing like at no other time. Tech’s been around legal for a long time and we’ve had a lot of folks like he and I involved in legal tech companies and its coverage for a couple decades or more. But the last three or four years have brought us a slew of companies and solutions disrupting legal like never before.

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State supreme courts and bar associatons are limiting access to legal services

The latest comes from the New Jersey Supreme Court, the governing body for lawyer licensure in the state, which last week blacklisted services from Avvo, LegalZoom and RocketLawyer that match consumers with attorneys because of concerns over fee-sharing and referral fees. […] Lawyers, courts and bar associations talk a good game when it comes to public service and making legal services more accessible. But it’s not happening. When businesses everywhere are seizing technology to reduce prices and improve services, bar associations and courts governing lawyers are sticking their heads in the sand and digging in their heels. This is a real shame — for the public who don’t have access to the law and for lawyers who are increasingly becoming irrelevant to the average person in this country.

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