Understanding Brexit: Mansfield case study

Mansfield was selected as a case study of a town that has undergone significant industrial restructuring during the last four decades, following the decline of traditional industries such as coal mining and textiles. Mansfield still faces acute challenges in terms of attracting high value-added businesses and increasing the skills and earnings of the local population. the remarkably high share of the Leave vote in the area cannot be understood without taking into consideration some structural characteristics of the Mansfield economy in the post-coal mining period.

Več na: Gartzou-Katsouyanni, Kira, Olivas Osuna, José Javier, De Lyon, Josh, Jablonowski, Kuba, Kiefel, Max, Bolet, Diane, Bulat, Alexandraand Kaldor, Mary (2018) Understanding Brexit: impacts at a local level: Mansfield case study. . Conflict and Civil Society Research Unit, LSE, London, UK;
Understanding Brexit a local level: Mansfield case study — Euro Crisis in the Press.