Sobotno branje

Usoda slovenskega junaka – Miha Mazzini

FYROM Becomes North Macedonia; Country Can Now Join NATO and the EU – InternationalLaw Blogger

The Shock of Reality (Untethered, Part 2) – Mark Bruce

The 101 on Overseas Manufacturing Contracts (OEM, CM and ODM) – Dan Harris

Your Super Bowl Boxes Are Almost Certainly Illegal – Joe Patrice

Elizabeth Warren Does Teddy Roosevelt – Paul Krugman

What it is like to be a female economist – Kai Ryssdal, Sean McHenry, and Liz Sanchez

Yes, There Are Individual Economists Worth Paying Respect to. But Is Economics Worth Paying Respect to? – Brad DeLong

How prices, incomes, and discrimination affect the ways we use time – Daniel Hamermesh, Jeff Biddleh

The Case for Professors of Stupidity – Brian Gallagher

Understanding the Brain with the Help of Artificial Intelligence – Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology



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