Nedeljsko branje

Why the Social Market Economy Succeeds – LARS P. FELD, PETER JUNGEN, LUDGER SCHUKNECHT (Project Syndicate)

Mind – KEVIN BERGER (nautilus)

Prihajajoča doba hiperinteligence – BOŠTJAN VIDEMŠEK (Delo)

Don’t worry, be happy: how your state of mind could affect your Covid jab – DAVID ROBSON (The Guardian)

If you thought the right to protest was inalienable, then think again – KENAN MALIK (The Guardian)

Čudni časi – KATJA ŠUGMAN STUBBS (Delo)

Germany’s intelligence agencies have failed to tackle rightwing violence for too long – PETER KURAS (The Guardian)

China Is Not Ten Feet Tall: How Alarmism Undermines American Strategy – RYAN HASS (Foreign Affairs)

The Declining Market for Secrets: U.S. Spy Agencies Must Adapt to an Open-Source World – ZACHERY TYSON BROWN, CARMEN A. MEDINA (Foreign Affairs)



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